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Bruce Campbell
15270 SW Holly Hill Road
Hillsboro, OR 97123-9074

Miyazaki Shi
Tachibana Doori Higashi 4 Cyoume 5-13
East Tachibana 302
H. Bruce Campbell

Oregon USA voice: 503-628-2936 (Pacific)
Skype: HBruceCampbell

Letters and email:  Thanks bunches for your messages. I occasionally receive more letters and email than I can individually respond to, so, my apologies, but I'm overextended and thus can't always allocate enough time to reply to everyone. I read all of your messages with genuine attention and affection, and I carefully consider the occasional suggestions offered. And I'm motivated - everyone's interest goes a long way toward keeping my energy and spirits high, and I do appreciate it. If you're ever in the neighborhood please pay me a visit if you can. This web site will exist for as long as there's interest and I'm able to maintain it, so it should be easy to find me. If you have a special agenda that I should try to attend to, but I fail to respond, please remind me boldly, and as often as seems necessary. Again, thanks tons for your interest - I'm amazed, humbled, and gratified!

Will I respond to social web site invitations, including work related networking sites?:  No.  Please see my FAQ page (near the bottom) for details about this.

Spam forged to appear to be from does not transmit spam! If you received spam from an address, it was criminally forged with a fake return address, as frequently occurs with my domain. never transmits unsolicited commercial email, nor any email to large numbers of recipients, nor does it ever engage in ID theft, securities fraud, criminal conduct solicitations, nor does it push drugs, predatory loans, erotica, nor any of the other crimes and overt fraud typical of spam.

If you receive spam forged to suggest that it's from, please parse the expanded headers to determine the IP addresses of the real ISP and server firms involved, or use SpamCop or similar to automatically do so, then forward the spam with it's expanded headers to those ISP and server firms. Then permanently delete the message.

Please don't report the spam to me - I didn't send it, and I can't do anything more than I already do to try to prevent it. Also be aware that messages sent to my BlackHole address are automatically deleted without review (as usual for most BlackHole addresses). Protect your personal information rigorously. Never respond directly to spam, because that reveals your email address to criminal spammers and ID thieves. And never reveal any personal information of any kind to anyone or any site without certain confirmation of their true identity.

NoSpam Notice:  UCE (spam) or any unsolicited subscription based email distributed on an "opt out" basis is absolutely prohibited. Do not ever send any such email to any address.

Email containing any IP address owned by an irresponsible or Black Hole listed ISP, or was routed through an open proxy (third party relay), or has a reply address which doesn't conform to SMTP standards, fails an SPF test, or contains a domain which doesn't exist, or this domain, or which, after null character removal and spelling correction, has any subject or body content that trips any of hundreds of specific filters, is automatically deleted, usually with an automatic rejection reply. Email sent to any opt out recipient list is spam. I absolutely never tolerate it, and any organization which ever sends any spam to me is permanently blacklisted, forever forfeiting any opportunity to conduct any business of any kind with me.

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