Early 2017 Media and Progress Notes.

Early 2017 Image links will be posted below soon.   Shigatsu 2017 Douga to shashin wa shita desu.
(Last update: 1 March 2017)

Early 2017 Images haven't been captured yet, but will be linked below soon. Click on a thumbnail to see the media. Portrait oriented media might load sideways, alas, but I'm too time constrained to correct the problem. Sorry...

A movie might be included later. If so:

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2016 Work progress notes are posted in the 2016 media catalog. There's not much to report yet for 2017 at this early time in the year. But a few tasks have been accomplished as follows:

I finally completed fabrication of the second green wing tip position light fixture and mounted it. But the connecting wire harnesses are just temporary for both the right and left wing tip position lights, white trailing edge lights still need to be installed or upgraded, and the acrylic covers and replacement trailing side aluminum tip structures need to be installed, so more work remains. But the primary red and green illumination is functional and pleasingly bright now.

I also added a more robust connection from a circuit breaker to the position lights control toggle switch on the overhead (P5) flight deck control panel, reducing voltage loss and improving electrical efficiency and safety. But I hope to perform considerable additional upgrade work for the P5 panel later.

The air stair lights were upgraded to LED type years ago, but since they were only resistor regulated they degraded due to the very poor current control precision inherent in simple resistor regulation. I'm currently upgrading all of them to precision actively regulated LED devices which will be quite bright, very efficient, and provide very long and highly reliable service. The wing tip position lights, flight deck red and white lamps, and the relatively new anti-collision beacons were fabricated with precision actively regulated LED drivers from the beginning and have performed flawlessly. I plan to upgrade numerous additional LED lamps with precision actively regulated LED driver circuits in coming months and years as well.

I installed a protectively coated new inlet air humidity and temperature sensor module in my primary cabin air dehydrator to replace the original which corroded due to exposure to ordinary moisture (a clear design flaw - the circuit surfaces should have been protected from moisture). But the new module isn't functioning correctly - it reports 95% humidity at all times. So it was either defective upon delivery or vapors from my coating material damaged the surface of the humidity sensor, I don't know which. I ordered another one, but in the meantime I'll try to find time to investigate the existing one to try to determine the nature of its failure.

Currently I'm using a portable air conditioner in dehydrate mode to control cabin air moisture. It's effective, but I suspect is much less power efficient, and it can't be used with a timer because it doesn't automatically activate when power is applied - it must be started manually. Thus it can't be used when I'm in Miyazaki. So before I depart I'll restore operation of my dedicated dehydrator on its battery backed electronic timer on a 40 minute duration 50% duty cycle (on for 20 minutes, then off for 20 minutes, repeating), which allows the dehydrator's cold surfaces to thaw and the water to fall to the drain pipe before the next on cycle if the cabin temperature's reasonably above 0 °C, thus crudely but sufficiently overriding the need for a functioning inlet air humidity and temperature sensor module.

I began disassembly of the pressure washer's pump to locate the degraded components so replacements could be ordered. But the work is proving difficult due to seized bolts, and I'm not certain disassembly will be possible sans damage to the pump. More about this later...

As usual a notarized copy of my last will, revoking all previous versions, is posted on the refrigerator in my cabin. Please honor only that document after I draw my last breath. (A task which won't require attention anytime soon I hope.) It's adjacent to popular Nihon-jin (Japanese) actress and occasional product pitch gal Arimura Kasumi-san, who will remain prominently displayed in my cabin for the foreseeable future.

Again no media has been posted yet. Bear with me please until I complete and post new images

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