Visitor's Information and Contributions

Updated 16 July 2014

Tours and visits: The aircraft is in its final position, but the main landing gear and forward fuselage are resting on temporary platforms. Be careful around the left main gear platform, which is the least stable. The wings, although not yet welded, are securely attached to the fuselage and are reasonably safe. The interior is a bit hazardous in one or two areas due to a couple of weak floor panels, so watch your step at all times. You're welcome to stop by for a tour so long as you read, understand and agree to the safety information and disclaimer as follows. Unless we're already well acquainted, be sure to contact me to arrange a time before paying a visit. Bring a pair of scrupulously clean slippers, or you can use my guest slippers (they're very clean), or be prepared to walk in your socks - the aircraft is clean inside, and must be kept that way. Otherwise casual or destitute rural class clothing is best. Directions to my home are provided here.

Safety Information and Disclaimer: Railroad tie towers are generally stable, but could become unstable under certain circumstances. It's best to stay generally clear of them. Don't apply any force to any part of them, as falling railroad ties, which are very heavy, could kill. The hard metal stairs leading to the interior of the aircraft are a bit steep and can be somewhat slippery at times. All stairs can be dangerous - falls on stairs can cause serious injury or death. The interior is not yet equipped with a full set of final floor panels, so care must be exercised while negotiating those areas with loose, weak, or missing floor panels in order to avoid a fall. My property, including the area around the aircraft, is sometimes slippery in some areas, and there are certain construction hazards and numerous hard metal objects with sharp edges on the site - a slip on wet grass which results in a fall to a sharp edged metal object could be very serious or even deadly. The wings have no safety railings. If you elect to walk on them, stay clear of the edges, significantly slanted areas, and the movable ailerons (which would rotate down, resulting in a loss of footing) to avoid a fall.

You are responsible for exercising careful judgment in choosing whether to attempt to negotiate the stairs, interior areas, wings, or to expose yourself to other hazards in and around the aircraft. You must recognize that there are hazards in and around the aircraft which are not typical of normal domestic environments, including many rural environments. You must be aware of the hazards described here, and any that may be described orally, and you must accept personal responsibility and liability for any accidents which may occur on my property before electing to visit the aircraft or my property in general, or participate in any activities on my property. Please do not attempt to visit the area, board the aircraft, or participate in support activities if you are not physically fit and mentally focused enough to very safely do so.

Smoking is never allowed anywhere on my property. Hunting in any form is extremely offensive to me personally and is never allowed anywhere on my property.

Contributions: If you'd like to help with whatever work is in progress as a matter of personal edification, recreation, fulfillment, or whatever personal benefit you derive, and you're a detail minded and quality conscious person, you'll probably be welcome to pitch in - contributions of personal time and energy, while never obliged, are usually most welcome. A few folks have donated money to the project, and I'm very grateful for the constructive minded gesture and their heartfelt generosity, and I've applied all the funds directly to the nuts and bolts of the project. But I'd prefer that everyone refrain from offering financial contributions - I don't want anyone to feel the slightest obligation to donate any funds to the project, so I feel more comfortable when folks don't offer. Your interest is more than sufficient reward for my time, and visitors are welcome without the slightest scintilla of any obligation to make any contribution to the project.

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