Visitor's Information, Safety, and Legal Liability Disclaimers

Updated 2 August 2018

You're welcome to visit and tour my property if you review and agree to all the safety, legal liability disclaimers, and visitor's information on this page.  Directions to my home are provided here.

Safety Information and Legal Liability Disclaimers:

All visitors must agree to do so entirely at their own risk and expense.  This is still an unconventional construction site with significant and unusual safety hazards.  So all visitors must read, understand, and fully agree to all relevant safety and legal disclaimer information.

My grounds are genuinely dangerous, so please study the risks very carefully and exercise immense care while here.  Be aware that your visit must be entirely at your own risk - I disclaim any and all liability for any losses, even including from hazards which lie well outside even industrial or construction area safety codes or practices.  In part hazards include heavy support structures which are precarious so remain well clear of any structure which could possibly fall or shift.  And many surfaces, including the turf, though they may look tractive, are often remarkably slippery - sometimes wet black ice class slippery.  I have decades of experience here of course and am very cautious but nonetheless have suffered significant injuries.  My grounds are just plain dangerous - unusually so.  And sometimes with powerful stealth, particularly during moist conditions.

Wooden support structures could become unstable under certain circumstances.  It's best to remain generally clear of them.  Don't apply any force to any part of them because falling wood beams, which are very heavy, could kill.  The hard metal stairs leading to the interior of my aircraft are a bit steep and can be somewhat slippery at times.  All stairs can be dangerous - falls on stairs can cause serious injury or death.  The interior is not yet equipped with a full set of final floor panels so care must be exercised while negotiating areas with loose, weak, or missing floor panels to avoid a fall.  My property, including the area around my aircraft, is often slippery in many areas, and there are numerous hard metal objects, some with sharp edges, on my site - a slip on wet grass which results in a fall to a sharp or hard metal object could be very serious or even fatal.  The wings have no safety railings.  If you elect to walk on them stay clear of the edges, significantly slanted areas, and the movable ailerons (which are not rigged so would abruptly rotate down) to avoid a fall.

You are solely responsible for exercising careful judgment in choosing whether to attempt to negotiate my stairs, interior areas, wings, or to expose yourself to other hazards in and around my aircraft.  You must recognize that there are hazards here which are not typical of normal domestic environments, including many rural environments.  You must be aware of the hazards described here, and any which may be described orally, and you must accept personal responsibility and liability for any accidents which may occur on my property before electing to visit my aircraft or property in general, or participate in any activities on my property.  Please do not attempt to visit my property, board my aircraft, or participate in support activities if you are not physically fit and mentally focused enough to do so very safely.

Please don't visit unless you agree to do so entirely at your own sole risk - please don't sue me if an accident occurs, even if due to a hazard I could have reduced or eliminated, or one which isn't allowed at most sites even during construction.  Wear practical and protective clothing, be intensely alert and cautious, and expect unusual hazards.  Safety first please.  And all visitation risk is solely yours - please understand and accept that clearly.

Smoking is never allowed anywhere on my property.  Hunting in any form is extremely offensive to me personally and is never allowed anywhere on my property.

Be Very Careful to Avoid These Current Special Hazard Areas:

1.  Two deep and narrow trenches, one slightly aft and to the right of the flight deck, and the other a bit further aft of the flight deck and almost directly below the fuselage.  They're deep and narrow and thus a serious leg injury hazard if accidentally stepped into.

2.  The pit under the forward landing gear and the temporary forward section support material.  The support material, pit, and dirt mounds are all temporary in nature and should not be considered safe.  (Also the material and grounds could easily be damaged so please don't disturb the work in progress nor walk in the pit.)

3.  The freight van currently aft of my air stairs is being moved to an out of sight location on the west border of my property.  It's currently supported with only temporary hastily assembled material and is immensely heavy, and thus is dangerous.  So please stay at least two meters away from it at all times.

4.  My aircraft's main landing gear and forward fuselage are still supported by temporary structures.  Be especially careful around the left main gear, nose gear, and forward fuselage support structures - they're of limited stability and incorporate heavy components which might dislodge and fall.

5.  My aircraft's interior is a bit hazardous in one or two areas due to a couple of loose floor panels so watch your step at all times.

General Visitor's Information:

Whenever I'm in Oregon you're welcome to schedule an interior tour of my aircraft during which you may capture personal media.  Please contact me via email to arrange a date and time.  (About 13:00 or later in the afternoon is often best for me.)  And please remind me one day prior to your visit date.

Or you may visit my grounds unannounced to capture outdoor media or fly a drone during any daylight time - you're not obliged to advise me of outdoor only visits.  But if so please depart my grounds by dusk since unscheduled visitors who linger into darkness make me uncomfortable.  (But you may fly a drone after dusk if you can pilot it safely.)  I often welcome unscheduled guests inside but only scheduled guests are assured interior access.

Other visitors might arrive at any time so guest time sharing might be involved.  Or press production work which usually demands most of my focus might occur during your visit.

Due to global connections I sleep at odd times and nap often.  If asleep when you arrive wake me vigorously with firm knocks on my aft door at the top of my air stairs or call my cell phone or both until you rouse me.  Please do wake me boldly so I can provide full cabin and flight deck access for you.

Please review my lodging guide if you have an interest in an overnight visit.

I'm genuinely happy to provide full, cheerful, and flexible access but guests stream through my personal home almost daily and often sans an appointment so it's impractical to try to segregate my private life from my aircraft's public role.  So visits are intimate - please allow me to live in my usual highly informal and chaotically sequenced life as we share my home.  In recent times my cabin's a bit untidy and I'm often engaged in fabrication, investing, v2.0 project, or communication work which I often multitask with guests.

Also please accept that incidental nudity occasionally occurs.  My home's sleeping and shower areas are fully open (not walled) within my cabin, I don't shade my cabin windows, I wear no clothing during naps or some other times, especially when weather conditions are hot, and I sleep and shower as the day's logistics dictate rather than on a predictable schedule.  I don clothes when clearly aware of guests, unless showering, but guests frequently arrive impromptu or only approximately scheduled, or my tasks lag, or inattention occurs due to focus on other matters - real life is chaotic.  So please be pragmatic as a simple matter of time utilization efficiency.  I want guests to feel completely comfortable but frankly I don't view this matter as important enough to render my home less accessible, transparent, and convenient to visit.  So exercise a little caution if kids are with you or you're uncomfortable with nudity.  Otherwise please recognize that life in a highly transparent home is a great deal more practical if none of us are neurotic about nudity - if it occurs please just disregard it and enjoy your visit as usual.

Please treat my travel information as completely confidential since destructive vandals and thieves leverage such information.

Weather and Warmth Notes:

My aircraft is nestled in a highly shaded forest environment and is often much colder than visitors expect, but can also be hot during sunny periods - it might be as cold inside my aircraft as outside, or quite hot.  So I recommend layered clothing to provide extra warmth but with the option of removing layers so you can adjust to your ideal comfort level.

Please don't spin your tires on my dirt road due to serious erosion which can result.  My road is initially narrow and steep so you might need a little momentum to crest the first portion.  A practice entry or two might be necessary to acquire a sufficient feel for it to be able to negotiate it sans tire spinning.  In heavy moisture or snow conditions it might be impassible for many vehicles.  If so please locate a safe place to park and walk rather than attempt to drive up my road.

Important Details:

All ages are welcome so long as safety can be maintained and the shoe related sterile procedure can be managed properly.  (But I have no used diaper provisions so please manage their disposal yourself.)  Pets are welcome too but must remain outside - they're not allowed to board my aircraft.

Utterly casual minimal value clothing is best for my rural environment.  Please wear sport shoes or similar with soles which grip surfaces very well (heels, even of modest height, or hard sole shoes are utterly incompatible and a serious safety risk so don't wear them).  Otherwise any style of expendable clothing is perfectly fine.

Shoes are absolutely never allowed inside my aircraft.  But don't remove your shoes outside nor on my air stairs - don't soil your socks and then enter my cabin.  First enter my cabin via the aft air stairs door, then remove your shoes while on the entry carpet, which is a dirt exposed surface.  But don't touch the entry carpet with your socks - instead step onto the transparent floor panels with your socks, leaving your shoes on the entry carpet.  It's a sterile procedure:  Manage your shoe removal so that nothing which ever touched a dirty surface touches the transparent floor panels of my cabin.

I provide clean slippers or you can wear your own or simply default to your socks if they're warm enough.  I also provide extra socks in case a sterile procedure mistake occurs or for extra warmth.

If I unlock a wing exit for entry remove your shoes on the wing and leave them there, but don't step on the wing with your socks - please slip out of your shoes as you step through the exit hatch.

You may capture any images or video subject to my publication terms.

Please don't park in the turnaround alcove at the top of my dirt roadway since it must remain clear so cars can turn around.  Please park adjacent to my old light blue Acura or adjacent to the trees on the north side of my roadway (the right side as you drive up) if you can leave enough clearance for other cars to pass.

Don't expect too much - this is still a work in progress which is far from complete.  My cabin and many facilities are obviously unfinished, but clean.  Working lavatories and a crude shower are available.

All visitors must agree to do so entirely at their own risk and expense.  Read and agree in full to the "Safety Information and Legal Liability Disclaimers" section above prior to your visit.

Please be mindful of security when posting information about my project - please don't reveal information which would unreasonably compromise the safety and security of my property.

Contributions:  Please don't offer compensation for my time nor a monetary contribution for my project - I don't want anyone to feel the slightest obligation to do so and the only way to insure that is to ask everyone to refrain from doing so.  Modest material tokens of friendship are welcome but not the slightest scintilla of any obligation to provide a gift exists - usually none are offered and I'm completely comfortable with that, truly.  Your interest is more than sufficient reward for my time.  (However, contributions to offset direct expenses are appreciated but not obliged during Concert on a Wing events.)

Nor is anyone the least bit obliged to contribute labor to my project.  But if you'd like to pitch in with cleaning or construction tasks for the simple joy of the experience please advise - if time's available and logistics seem suitable I'd be grateful for your assistance.  But all the legal disclaimers described on this page and elsewhere remain in force.  Please maintain safety as first priority.  And beware - I'm terribly picky about damage avoidance and construction quality even with charity labor.

I hope you'll find my aircraft intriguing and have a wonderful time!

Copyright 2 August 2018, Howard Bruce Campbell,

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